About Treasurer's Briefcase

Your Record Keeping Solution in the Cloud!

What We Provide

Treasurer's Briefcase provides cloud based record keeping and reporting software for volunteer organizations.

Why Do I Need Treasurer's Briefcase?

Because small non-profit groups often have unique governmental and organizational filing requirements, traditional accounting software is either too complex, too expensive or sometimes just doesn't meet your needs.

What Can Treasurer's Briefcase Do For My Organization?

  • Treasurer's Briefcase allows organizations to:
  • Manage their financial accounts
  • Create standardized reports
  • Organize and store documents
  • File required government and organizational documents
  • Seamlessly transition financial management responsibilities

Create Transparency in Your Organization

All of the principals of our Treasurer's Briefcase have been an officer of, or the primary organizer of, a volunteer or non-profit organization. As volunteers for these non-profit organizations, we have seen the effects of poor financial record keeping on the health and reputation of the organization. Along with the basic operational problems associated with poor financial record keeping, scandal and embarrassment are real threats when records are not transparent and are instead controlled by individuals instead of the organization itself.

Create a Transition and Succession Plan

Treasurer's Briefcase provides a mechanism for organizations to create transparency as well succession planning for treasurers. No longer are shoe boxes, or cartons of documents passed from one lost volunteer to another.

Secure Your Information

Role based accounts that limit and enable access, along with the security of having all records stored in the cloud allow an organization to have accountability, transparency, and the the security of knowing that their documents and records are NOT being stored in someone's basement, their laptop, or some proprietary accounting system that only the current treasurer understands.

How Treasurer’s briefcase Works

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Enter checks, deposits and other transactions. You can split checks and deposits into multiple categories. Print checks and use our approval workflow to allow your board to authorize payment.
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Store all your important document securely in the cloud. Upload or email your documents to your own private storage locker in the cloud!
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All the reports you need to keep your board and stakeholders informed about the financial state of your organization. You can produce all of the reports in either PDF or Excel format.
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Manage all your members, contacts and vendors using our convenient and easy to use contact management feature.
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Trudy's BudgetMaker is the easiest way to create your yearly budget. You last year's data as a starting point and then create your budget variance reports to show how you are tracking toward your goals.
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Our plans are designed for clubs of all sizes. Try Treasurer's Briefcase for free to start and upgrade as needed.
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