Fri August 01, 2014 - Hamilton, NJ

Treasurer’s Briefcase Announces First National Licensing Agreement
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Today, Treasurer’s Briefcase, LLC, provider of cloud based record keeping solutions for small nonprofit organizations, announced they have completed a licensing agreement with Parent Booster USA (PBUSA). PBUSA has acquired the right to provide Treasurer’s Briefcase to its over 2,000 member organizations.

Of the company’s agreement, founding partner, David Lauer, CPA said, “PBUSA is a great resource specifically for booster clubs and other school support organizations. They provide legal and operational advice but had lacked the ability to offer record-keeping solutions that fit the needs of small nonprofits. We created TBC to be simple, fast, and easy. Treasurers receive all the tools they need to provide the proper reporting to members, the public, and any oversight organizations including the IRS and state government. TBC was a great fit for PBUSA.”

The creators of Treasurer’s Briefcase all have served as volunteers on the boards of local nonprofits. There they gained insight into the issues facing these organizations. To supplement this first-hand knowledge as volunteers, TBC ran pilot programs at three area schools; Steinert High School, Hamilton High West and Monroe High School. Twenty booster clubs participated and they are now legally established, compliant 501(c)(3) organizations. Lauer said, “As CPAs we have tried to accommodate small nonprofits such as PTAs, PTOS, PBAs, youth leagues and of course booster clubs. The issue for us was we never knew what we would get each year from the new Treasurer. This digital age allowed us the ability to create something that could provide consistency for the organizations from year to year. As a cloud based product, the hand-off from Treasurer to Treasurer is simple, and with our digital briefcase, documents are safely stored rather than being lost in a volunteer’s garage or basement. Working with the local schools really helped us accelerate our product development, so much so we caught the eye of PBUSA”

He added, “Leadership transition and continuity is an ongoing challenge for school support organizations. PBUSA was very interested in our product because it simplifies the annual hand-off and provides an easy way for PBUSA members to store and manage their corporate records.”

About Treasure’s Briefcase: TBC ( ) is a Hamilton Township, NJ based company founded in 2011 by Hamilton CPA’s David Lauer and Kristin Millen and two software development professionals. By year end they expect to have over 2000 subscribers. Their plans include working at a grassroots level, such as school boards and superintendents who understand the need for compliance and oversight as well as other national organizations who have expressed interest in a licensing arrangement.

Interested and want more information? Contact David A. Lauer 609-586-3600 or cell 609-306-1802.

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Trudy's BudgetMaker is the easiest way to create your yearly budget. You last year's data as a starting point and then create your budget variance reports to show how you are tracking toward your goals.
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